Aliens Pointedly Ignoring METI Transmissions Thought Scientists Would’ve Gotten Hint By Now

GLIESE 581 G—Noting that their lack of response to interstellar radio messages seemed pretty obvious, aliens pointedly avoiding METI transmissions confirmed Wednesday that they really thought Earth’s scientists would’ve taken the hint by now. “Sheesh, they’ve been at this for decades and haven’t heard a single thing from us, you’d think they would get the picture that we just aren’t interested,” said cosmologist Korlim Muulthixx, who added that Earth researchers should just move on, noting that numerous extraterrestrial civilizations had deliberately stopped using any broadcasting formats that humans could differentiate from the universe’s background radiation. “We saw that lame fucking Voyager out there and clearly nobody wanted anything to do with it. In the past few years, it seems like Earth people have developed new ways to listen for us, as if that’s going to change our minds and send us rushing to contact them. Seriously, at this point, it just comes off as completely desperate.” Muulthixx has reportedly contemplated bringing Earth up to speed about their feelings by responding to METI with a simple “K.”

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