Alternate Price Of Book In Canadian Dollars Gives Man Little Window Into What Life Would Be Like If He Were Canadian

DETROIT—Offering the U.S. citizen a brief opportunity to vicariously experience a different nationality, the Canadian price printed on the back cover of a book gave local man Peter Brown a little window into what life might be like if he were Canadian, sources confirmed Wednesday. “Wait a second, so in a world where I’m Canadian, I’d be paying $22.99 for this paperback instead of $16.99?” said Brown, wondering aloud if the Canadian version of himself would be upset upon seeing that the number for him was higher than it was for Americans. “That’s amazing. It’s pretty interesting that they call them ‘dollars’ over there, too, even though their money looks totally different. Just imagine, if I’d been born in Canada, my wallet would have queens and prime ministers in it instead of a bunch of presidents. It really makes you stop and think.” The Detroit resident later confirmed his intention to apply for a passport so he could one day cross the border and discover all the new and fascinating cultural experiences awaiting him in Windsor, Ontario.

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