Cloaked Man On White Steed Sick Of People Asking Him For Tidings From The North

THE COLD LANDS—Saying he didn’t know what it was about his cloak and white steed that drew them to him, local traveler Cosmus of Bonvia confirmed Friday that he was sick of people asking him for tidings from the north. “What, a man can’t journey through Forgotten Pass anymore without being stopped at every juncture by some whiny swordsman?” said Cosmus, who explained he was just about ready to ride off trail into Sorrow’s Bog if that meant the constant barrage of adventurers pestering him for signs of the Great Battalion would stop. “It’s always ‘hark this, hark that.’ I’ve never even been to the Northern Reaches; I’m from Bonvia, and they would know that if they even bothered to ask my name before launching into their empty-headed spiel. I’m just trying to ride around on my horse. I don’t know jack shit.” At press time, Bonvia added that now that he thought of it he had sensed a dark unrest, but it was probably too late to say something now.

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