Donald Trump Reprimanded For Continually Interrupting Harris, Moderator During VP Debate

SALT LAKE CITY—After he issued a relentless stream of combative remarks that were criticized as unhelpful and distracting, President Donald Trump was reprimanded Wednesday night for continually interrupting Sen. Kamala Harris and moderator Susan Page during the vice presidential debate. “Excuse me, Mr. President, but please remember your campaign agreed to the format of this debate between Sen. Harris and Vice President Pence, and your repeated interruptions are a clear violation of those rules,” Page said to Trump, who accused the moderator of trying to silence him when she asked Harris about her position on Medicare for All, and then complained that the rules were only being enforced against him. “Sir—sir, in all fairness, you’ve been interrupting quite a bit more than anyone else on stage. In fact, you’ve had more time to speak than the two vice-presidential candidates combined. The country would be better served if you could just set down the microphone now.” At press time, Trump had turned his attention to ridiculing Mike Pence, whose performance he derided as low energy, weak, and “terrible television.”

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