Equifax Assures Woman That Drop In Credit Score Unrelated To Anything

CLAY, NY—In an automated email reportedly delivered to local woman Emma Davies’ inbox Tuesday, Equifax assured her that a recent drop in her credit score was unrelated to anything. “While your credit score is significantly lower now, we just want to you to keep in mind that you had absolutely no control over it,” read the email in part, adding that the credit reporting agency’s reduction of her credit score from 685 to 600 had absolutely nothing to do with any financial action she had or had not taken. “We understand that it may be frustrating if your credit score, which was ranked as ‘good’ before and only ranks as ‘fair’ now, disqualifies you from securing an apartment or a loan, but it’s important that you understand that this change was utterly arbitrary and based on absolutely nothing. To improve your credit score and maintain it in the future, you can try reducing your credit utilization or paying off existing balances in full, although, since you didn’t have bad personal finance habits before, we can’t promise that doing so will cause us to raise your score in any way. We just want you to know that this was just something on our end that we wanted to do.” Equifax also reassured the woman that she could request a credit score at any time for whatever the company felt like charging her.

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