Facts Carefully Redacted From Travel Story To Avoid Revealing It Mission Trip

NEW YORK—Withholding any details that would betray the religious nature of the excursion abroad, local woman Catherine Angelos carefully redacted a travel story Tuesday to avoid revealing to friends that her purported vacation was actually a church mission trip. “Oh, yeah, I had an awesome time in Guatemala,” said the 28-year-old public relations associate who, in her recounting of the journey, meticulously omitted any mention of the prayer circles, evangelizing, or conversion campaigns she engaged in while visiting the Central American country. “I was with this, uh, kind of big group of people, and we avoided the more touristy stuff. We mostly just hung around in this one small village. It was cool, because I got to know a lot of the locals. Oh, and party with them! Yeah, we were always strumming guitars and singing songs. Anyway, it’s an absolutely beautiful place.” At press time, Angelos was reportedly insisting that the friends she went on the trip with were definitely from a soccer camp and not part of a Pentecostal youth retreat.

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