Frisky Housewife Lets Revealing Robe Slip After Opening Door To Amazon Delivery Drone

SEATTLE—Biting her lower lip while giving the hovering delivery aircraft a a sultry glance, frisky housewife Mia Jeffries reportedly let her revealing robe slip Friday after opening the door to her Amazon delivery drone. “Well, hello there big boy, I knew Amazon had a new fleet of prime drones, but I had no idea they’d have me hot and bothered in 30 minutes or less,” said Jeffries, who then leaned against the doorframe and took a deep sip of wine before asking the loud, buzzing drone if its vision sensors liked what they had scanned of her body so far. “Mmm, you must be so strong from lifting up all those big, heavy packages all day and flying them from house to house. Hey, why don’t you buzz on inside here and maybe I can plug you in for a quick recharge, if you know what I mean.” At press time, Jeffries screamed and tossed the drone out her bedroom window after her husband and three boys pulled into the driveway.

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