Hazardous Waste Facility Stuffs Batteries In Drawer Until They Figure Out What To Do With Them

WOODBRIDGE, CT—Deciding to put off making a final decision on how to safely dispose of the materials, a local hazardous waste facility reportedly stuffed all their batteries in the drawer Tuesday until they can figure out what to do with them. “Obviously we can’t just throw batteries in the trash with the other stuff, and we’re definitely going to dispose of them in the right way, but ultimately we’re going to deal with that later,” said Woodbridge Transfer Station head Jeremy McWorth, adding that another complication was all those small batteries that are in electronic devices, which facility officials were putting in a separate drawer in case the disposal mode was different. “We’ve got a huge drawer full of tens of thousands of used AA and AAA batteries that people keep bringing to us, and they clearly need to go somewhere. We tried to just take them over to the recycling center to let them help us dispose of them, but they said no, so back in the drawer they went. In the meantime, it seems fine if they’re just in the drawer.” Officials at the hazardous waste facility told reporters they were hoping to avoid a repeat of a previous incident when they got in a bunch of trouble for pouring all the polyurethane down the sink.

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