Hundreds Of Years Of Race, Class Privilege Allow Man Extra Legroom

DENVER—As he stretched out 3 inches beyond the space afforded passengers in the rest of the main cabin, Delta Airlines passenger Carter Foss reportedly enjoyed the benefits of hundreds of years of racial and class privilege Wednesday by upgrading to a seat with extra legroom. Sources confirmed his purchase of a Delta Comfort-plus seat, the culmination of centuries of social and financial advantage granted to his family by virtue of their skin color and accumulation of wealth across generations, added $70 to the cost of his flight from Denver to Atlanta, a price Foss could easily pay. According to reports, the circumstances of his birth also provided the 31-year-old consultant with premium snacks, guaranteed overhead bin space, and the right to sit in front of other people on the plane, amenities he received in addition to a lifetime of access to quality healthcare, elite education, home mortgages on generous terms, and good-paying jobs. At press time, sources reported that Foss had decided to expense the cost of the upgraded seat to his employer, a request that would be granted without question.

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