Ice Cream Shop With Unlimited Free Samples Mentally Added To Growing Homelessness Contingency Plan

LOS ANGELES—Noting that the frozen confectionery establishment was open six days a week and least busy in the early afternoon, local man Tyler Allard added With Sprinkles, an ice cream shop with unlimited free samples, to his growing homelessness contingency plan. “I could hit that place up for some extra calories maybe twice a week for at least a few months after my landlord kicks me out on the street,” said Allard, 26, observing that the ice cream shop’s location triangulated well with the sandwich place where they toss bags of bread out at the end of the day and the 24-hour Starbucks that figured heavily into his potential sheltering scheme. “The food bank could be helpful, but it’s pretty far away, and if I have to live in my car for a while, I want to limit my driving to places where I might be able to get a job. There was this Whole Foods that was pretty high on my list, but they stopped giving free samples so I crossed it off. Still, between those restaurants on Hollywood Boulevard where people just leave their half-eaten meals on the outdoor tables and the free ketchup packets at three different McDonald’s locations I mapped out, I should be able to get by for a while.” Allard added that he would be better able to avoid the looming loss of his housing and daily search for food if he didn’t have to spend so much time developing his contingency plan.

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