Insider Report Reveals Obama Tried Persuading Ginsburg To Die During His Presidency

WASHINGTON—Shedding new light on the former president’s relationship with the Supreme Court justice, an insider report released Tuesday revealed that Barack Obama repeatedly tried persuading Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die during his presidency. “The former president was frank with Justice Ginsburg about the potential risks of her continuing to remain on the court, which is why he urged her to drop dead while he was still in office,” read the report in part, detailing Obama’s arguments that Ginsburg could ensure her legacy was maintained by gracefully getting sucked into a whirlpool or devoured by wolves early in his second term. “Obama wanted to make the transition as easy as possible for Ginsburg by suggesting a wide variety of options for how she might want to go out, such as the numerous poisons he had brought along to their meeting in addition to a loaded handgun and a length of rope.” The report concluded that Ginsburg ultimately demurred, opting to remain on the Supreme Court after tripping on Obama’s foot and surviving a fall down 30 flights of stairs.

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