Kawhi Leonard Worried He’s Grown Too Accustomed To Fancy Hotel With Free Wi-Fi

BAY LAKE, FL—Following his team’s elimination from the NBA playoffs, Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard was reportedly worried Wednesday that he had grown too accustomed to living in a fancy hotel with free Wi-Fi. “All of these free soaps, free breakfasts, and an ice maker right down the hall—this is the kind of luxury I’ve never allowed myself before,” said Leonard, lamenting how the team’s defeat to the Denver Nuggets would impact his access to amenities such as fresh towels and his very own in-room coffee machine. “I have a small black-and-white TV back at home, but I can’t watch it from bed, and I certainly don’t have four pillows. It’s been pretty ideal for propping myself up and relaxing with some HGTV. I just hope I can fall asleep at night when I return to my mattress on the floor.” At press time, Leonard had stopped by the breakfast buffet one last time to pocket a couple of Danishes for the road.

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