Man Falsely Imprisoned For 24 Years Granted Permission To Serve Out Remainder Of Term In New Wrongfully Accused Wing

ANGOLA, LA—Following over two decades of incarceration, Louisiana Penitentiary inmate Reggie Clark, a man falsely imprisoned for 24 years, was finally granted permission Wednesday to serve out the remainder of his sentence in the prison’s new Wrongly Accused Wing. “This was an unacceptable miscarriage of justice, which is why we will be immediately moving Mr. Clark to our new state-of-the-art facility for those who should have never imprisoned here in the first place,” said warden Brent Albertson, confirming that a transfer to the multimillion-dollar section of the prison came with a number of privileges including an additional 20 minutes in the yard per day as well as expanded access to a cell phone and major discounts from the prison commissary. “While we will never be able to fully make up for the harrowing experience endured by Mr. Clark in gen-pop these last 24 years, we hope spending the next few decades in a brightly lit, Art Deco-inspired building hobnobbing with other innocent prisoners will help begin the healing process.” At press time, Albertson noted that the crown jewel of the new wing was an expansive rooftop garden containing the bodies of death row prisoners who had been posthumously exonerated.

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