Man Wondering If Scene From ‘The Crown’ Where Queen Elizabeth Drinks Tea Actually Happened

DULUTH, MN—Unsure about the historical accuracy of the popular Netflix show, local man Ryan Galanis was reportedly wondering Monday if a scene from The Crown in which Queen Elizabeth II drinks tea is based on an event that actually took place. “I realize they need to take some liberties with the facts for the sake of narrative flow, but having the queen sit in her drawing room and drink a cup of tea like that felt way too contrived,” said Galanis, doubtful that the writers of the series had a primary source document that could prove the monarch actually sipped from a china cup with a matching saucer, as she does in an episode he recently viewed. “Honestly, it kind of takes me out of it when they depict her just sipping some Earl Grey in the middle of a scene like that. I know I’m being kind of nitpicky, but it’s easier to watch these historical dramas when the plot details are a little more convincing.” At press time, sources confirmed Galanis had decided not to finish The Crown and to instead watch the Netflix show about the queen playing chess.

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