Nation’s Relatives Call For Little Zoom Tour Of Your Apartment

CARROLLTON, TX—Declaring “Ooh, yes” and “Let’s see,” the nation’s relatives reportedly called for a little Zoom tour of your apartment Thursday. “What fun, we’ve never gotten to see it before—show us, show us!” said 61-year-old aunt Judy Freymond, who joined the chorus of millions of uncles, cousins and grandparents across the country remarking that it was such a great idea considering the circumstances and why don’t you let them see the place. “Oh, it’s so dark! Don’t they have good windows in the city? I hope it’s in a nice neighborhood, especially after that last spot. Ah, that artwork is so interesting on the wall. It’s very you. Wait, go back, I want to see that couch. Very nice. Where’s your television? Do you not watch TV? Where’s that door lead to? Is that your bedroom?” At press time, the nation’s relatives wanted to know if that aromatherapy diffuser they got you for Christmas last year was anywhere.

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