New California Law Reclassifies Outdoor Dining As Any Restaurant Located Outside

SACRAMENTO—In an effort to clear up any confusion regarding California’s current Covid-19 restrictions, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law Thursday reclassifying outdoor dining as any restaurant that is located outside. “As of today, any dining establishment whose four exterior walls are exposed to open air and whose front door can be accessed from the outside is considered outdoor dining,” said the governor, adding that the revolutionary new law would allow millions of restaurants to safely open across the state, so long as said restaurants were not located inside another building. “Due to California’s recent coronavirus spike, outdoor patios, updated ventilation systems, and sidewalk service are all of course still encouraged. But remember, it’s perfectly legal to open a restaurant if the tables, chairs, kitchen, and bar area are all inside, so long as that restaurant itself is outside.” At press time, Newsom drew criticism after adding exceptions for restaurants located within other restaurants to open so long as diners were socially distanced and under capacity.

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