the US announced the technology of delivering a person to anywhere in the world in an hour

14.12.2019, 15: 28 EST A source: RBC


This was stated by the ex-candidate for the post of head of the space command of the US Air Force. He called this technology revolutionary and unrelated to existing developments, writes RBC.


Retired US Air Force (Air Force) Lieutenant General Stephen Quast, while delivering a lecture at Hillsdale College, DC, said the United States has technology that can transport a person to anywhere in the world in less than an hour.


According to him, such a revolutionary technology could potentially make existing aerospace capabilities obsolete.


“This technology can be built today as a technology that is not related to the development of [existing technologies] to deliver any person from any place on Earth to any other place in less than an hour,” he said.


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At the same time, the military did not specify how exactly this invention functions and on what principles his work is based.


According to the publication, the statement of the general, who was put forward as the head of the space command of the US Air Force, sounded against the background of other statements made by the American military leadership in recent times. They, in particular, said that the States could be on the verge of a big leap in the field of transport technology.


The article notes that such statements can really speak about the real state of affairs, as well as indicate the interest of the US Department of Defense in a significant increase in financing of space-related innovations.


“Does all this set the stage for a new space race that will benefit humanity by promoting the development of science and technology, or does it create the conditions for the first great space war?” Asked the authors of the material.


In recent years, Quast has published several articles that the US military should play a more significant role in space in order to ensure American economic dominance. And he considers this a continuation of the popularization of American values.

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