This Pro Gamer Did Something Terrible And Everyone Is Sweeping It Under The Rug Like He’s A Real Celebrity

Illustration for article titled Gaming Win: This Pro Gamer Did Something Terrible And Everyone Is Sweeping It Under The Rug Like He’s A Real Celebrity

Let’s face it, readers, society at large has historically looked down on video gaming. Even as the medium has surged in popularity and esteem, many still don’t consider it a “legit” art form. Fortunately, though, that stigma seems poised to change! In a major gaming win, a popular pro gamer did something terrible, and everyone is sweeping it under the rug like he’s a real celebrity!

Hell yeah, gaming aficionados! There looks to be a bright spot on the horizon for gamers everywhere after dozens of accusers have come forward against esports all-star Elton Tapowski (AKA SpytF1re) for unmentionable comments, verbal abuse, and inappropriate advances. Hordes of online commentators are already claiming you never really know what went on in cases like this, and that we should give him a pass! Folks, it’s like he’s an honest-to-god A-lister!

While you’d expect this response from the fans of a popular comedian, actor, or athlete, getting to see supporters claim that we have to separate the art from the artist—or that SpytF1re should get a lifetime pass for his incredible speedrun of Donkey Kong Country—shows just how far gaming have come.

It’s remarkable to think that even 5 or 10 years ago, SpytF1re’s unconscionable behavior would have been easily ascribed to a gamer’s creepy, basement-dwelling personality, and he might have even faced consequences. Today, though, taking actions that endangered the emotional and physical safety of another human being is quietly dismissed or outright ignored as though he’s just as valuable to society as a famous novelist or painter.

And if that wasn’t enough, esports fans are now taking it upon themselves to call Spytf1re’s accusers liars who are just trying to take down a good man for the attention and that they should kill themselves. If this sort of response, is any indication, it looks like the future of gaming is bright! Nice going, gamers!

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