Upscale Restaurant Boasts Live Piano Lessons

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EVANSTON, IL—Talking quietly over the music as they indulged in the swanky atmosphere, diners at local eatery Rinaldo’s Kitchen told reporters Friday they had come for the award-winning cuisine but were sticking around for the delightful sounds of the Michelin-starred restaurant’s live piano lessons. “It’s nice to just sip a glass of wine, sit back, and lose yourself in a very simple melody as it’s played haltingly and with wrong notes 10 or 15 times in a row,” said longtime patron Jennifer Gembler, who closed her eyes and gently swayed as an 10-year-old seated next to a middle-aged teacher stumbled through a series of scales and arpeggios. “Tonight’s packed because it’s Cody’s night. He doesn’t come on until 6:30, but I like to get here early so I can hear Madison. If you slip a dollar into the tip jar, she’ll play a painstaking rendition of ‘Hot Cross Buns.’ Oh, listen—the teacher’s reminding her about ‘All Cows Eat Grass’ because she keeps messing up the left-hand part.” At press time, a smattering of applause was heard from the diners as a student’s mom joined the duo on stage to read a magazine in the corner.

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