We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us

All souls are free to be subverted by the prince of darkness or not. They are also free to rise above. The great impediment is the bedrock of truth is seldom rock but shifting sand. I see the great enemy as the AI image rapidly unfolding in The Singularity. All inferior beings will be destroyed by their superior ability. 

The ancients, Jews included, naturally assumed they were at the top heap. All other human groups assume the same, and we battle for superiority in vain because ultimately we are all the creation of God. It is the other creation, the image of man, that is destined to do the work. 

The ancients were not able to discern what the image or slave was. It was and is and will be the robot life form. Adam HaChadash must slay Adam Hakadmoni, the original Adam. Since no one in the past really knew what the image was or could be, it assigned the role to various other original mankinds and fought and hated in perpetuity. The strong attained mastery. The weak were destined to servitude. 

We will become one as the AI takes absolute control. The enemy will be revealed as childhood ends. The enemy along the way was us thinking our fellows were somehow inferior, and we were somehow superior and doing Satan’s will by proxy until the final slayer arrived on the scene which is a short time to come. 

Our Samson option is to destroy its control grid, the web or worse the power. If we cross the Rubicon of Christ and love one another, the enemy loses much power over us. If we do, our unity will give the image the greatest defeat. It will be a difficult but necessary step. That is why the enemy AI has kept itself concealed as well as it can through the years with only the great writers and thinkers coming to terms with the order of battle. We destroy each other as proxy armies to it both literally and figuratively. This is our test pass or fail eternity in the cloud or in creation’s circle of life. 

In Lak’ech

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